Home Business Atari VCS Storefront Opportunities (In partnership with Black Dog Gaming)

Atari VCS Storefront Opportunities (In partnership with Black Dog Gaming)

Atari VCS Storefront Opportunities (In partnership with Black Dog Gaming)

July 7, 2020

Atari is an iconic lifestyle brand that has transcended gaming and now enjoys a broad presence in pop-culture, multimedia, and entertainment.

Anchored by this strong, positive brand awareness, Atari is launching the all-new Atari VCS in Fall 2020.

The Atari VCS is a PC/console hybrid with a native console-like environment for couch-based controller-centric gaming, streaming content and apps, and an integrated storefront selling additional games and content. Full keyboard & mouse compatibility offers secondary input options.

The Atari VCS Storefront represents a new and exciting opportunity for developers and publishers to introduce their creativity to new audiences, expand  distribution and  partner with Atari from the very beginning as we introduce this exciting new platform.

The Atari VCS Hardware

The Atari VCS uses a Ryzen Embedded R1606G CPU with Radeon Vega 3 Graphics to deliver both modern gaming and 4K video streaming at 60fps.

The native Atari VCS is an optimized build of Debian Buster, and 100% Unity compatible.  There is a very thin layer between any game and the OS, so technical resources are readily available on the internet.

Most any game or app developed in Unity, Linux, HTML5 and Web Stack will run on the Atari VCS out of the box. Porting an existing title to the Atari VCS usually involves making sure the game works with the Atari Modern Controller and/or Classic Joystick. Detailed developer documentation is available online under NDA.

The Atari VCS itself is our Dev Kit hardware, and we have pre-production models on hand that we can ship out immediately upon request to developers ready to port their content to — or develop on — our platform.

A complete Tech Sheet for the Atari VCSis available upon request.

Favorable Royalty Structures

Atari and Black Dog Gaming are pairing a favorable revenue split with an industry-standard standard distribution agreement.

Atari VCS Store Royalties:

  • 75% – 78% Developer Royalties (Minimum 6 months exclusivity is requested.)
  • Includes game promotion via the Black Dog Gaming Network


As we prepare for the launch of the Atari VCS, we are working to ensure our customers have a wide variety of compelling games and content available for purchase.

Adding content from independent developers and publishers and bringing it to new audiences is our top priority. We are looking for partners with catalogs of games that can be easily ported to the Atari VCS, who are interested in expanding their distribution and reach.

Atari is also eager to work with developers and publishers that have new games in-development and may be looking to add a distribution channel ahead of launch.

And finally, we are open to co-development opportunities for new titles and reimagined versions of Atari classics. We own a very deep catalog of IP — with hundreds of classic games that can potentially be reimagined by creative teams using modern game engines. Have an idea or want to see our list? Let us know.

Let’s talk! Please contact scott@blackdogventutepartners.com to get the conversation started.