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Rotherham United enter esports with FIFA 19

By Adam Fitch Sept. 27, 2018 Just like Scunthorpe United, which just launched Scunthorpe United eSports, Rotherham United has partnered with Virtual Pro Gaming to join its 11-a-side FIFA league in the near future. Jamie Noble, Head of Community at Rotherham United is working to revamp the club’s art facility, Goal Zone, allowing FIFA 19 matches to played at the AESSEAL […]

Swiss Soccer : The most bizarre fan protests in recent memory.

By: Steve McCaskill Sept.25, 2018 Forbes Swiss soccer champions Young Boys Bern’s (YB) thrashing of FC Basel this weekend was notable for many reasons. With six wins from six matches, YB looks unstoppable in its pursuit of consecutive Swiss titles and the 7-1 scoreline suggests FC Basel, which won eight league championships in a row between 2010 and […]

California Cup will create Overwatch esports rivalry between Northern and Southern California

By:DEAN TAKAHASHI September 21, 2018 Venture Beat When the global Overwatch League has its off season, a regional esports rivalry for Blizzard’s Overwatch video game will take over. The Overwatch League’s California teams are creating the California Cup, which will pit Northern California Overwatch teams against Southern California teams. The competition pits the Los Angeles Valiant against the San Francisco Shock, two inaugural […]

New owner of L.A. Times sees video games, esports as evolution of modern news media

By Noah Smith September 19, 2018 Washington Post LOS ANGELES — The billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Times has made a career, and multibillion dollar fortune, from attempting to cure cancer as well as the pervasive ills of the health care system writ large. Now focused on reviving the Fourth Estate on the West Coast, Dr. […]

Dr DisRespect’s home reportedly shot at during livestream

By: Nicole Carpenter Sept. 12, 2018 dotespoorts Popular Twitch streamer Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm was reportedly shot at this afternoon while livestreaming. Dr DisRespect quickly shut down the stream after the incident occurred. What sounds like gunshots can be heard on Twitch clips of the stream as Dr. Disrespect plays the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 battle royale mode. He leaves […]

MrktStar Provides “Fantasy Sports” experience for companies, celebrities and brands

Sept. 10, 2018 Contact: Scott Kelly, 480-206-3435, scott@blackdogventurepartners.com September 10, 2018 – San Francisco, CA – MrktStar is a prediction and demand forecasting platform using massive data and a game-based fantasy marketplace to allow fans to earn cash prizes by picking your favorite apps, musicians and brands. Did you predict Uber or Airbnb were going […]

TSM Owner Andy Dinh On Building The Yankees Of Esports Teams

By: Matt Perez Sept, 6, 2018 Forbes Thousands of screaming fans packed the stands and floor space at Boston’s TD Garden in September 2017—to watch a video game championship. At ­Center Court was an elevated stage with ten ­computers running the competitive game League of Legends. Four massive screens were mounted above to display the action. When confetti finally […]

Nielsen steps up its tracking of digital gaming and esports

By: Mariella Moon Sep. 8, 2018 Engadget Nielsen has acquired gaming industry intelligence firm SuperData Research to give its ability to track games and esports a boost. According to its announcement, the acquisition will allow it to keep a closer eye on digital gaming use, sales and audiences. It will also give the company a way to track spending on esports events, […]

Esports ‘too violent’ to be included in Olympics

By: News Beat Sept. 5, 2018 BBC News The President of the International Olympic Committee says esports are too violent to be part of the Olympics. Thomas Bach said the “so-called killer games” which promote violence or discrimination cannot be accepted into the Games. “If you have egames where it’s about killing somebody, this cannot be […]

Arizona Coyotes to host NHL ’19 release party, esports tournament

BY MATT LAYMAN Aug. 29, 2018 Arizona Sports The Arizona Coyotes announced Wednesday that they will host an esports tournament and celebrate the release of NHL ’19 at an event in Phoenix on Wednesday, Sept. 12. Hockey players from the men’s and women’s teams at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University and Northern Arizona University will play NHL […]

What parents should know about esports

By: Edward C. Baig  Aug. 28, 2018 USA Today Playing video games for big bucks has ballooned into a huge business the past few years, yet the shooting Sunday at a tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, may well be the first time many people have even heard of esports, much less paid attention. Parents are understandably asking questions now: Is […]

Expanding esports industry looks inward – and ahead – after Jacksonville shooting

By: Edward C. Baig,Eli Blumenthal and Mike Snider Aug. 27, 2018 USA Today Professional gamers spend hours with eyes glued to a screen, a controller or keyboard at hand, perfecting their digital dexterity for a chance to win – or lose – tens of thousands of dollars. Gaming has transformed into high-stakes, high-stress big business. In the aftermath of a […]