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How This Company Built a Business Through Gaming

How This Company Built a Business Through Gaming How to turn gaming into a career By David Wither February 7, 2018 https://www.influencive.com The average citizen now sees about 4,000 ads per day. It’s become a marketing truism in recent years that to stand out in an oversaturated digital world, you must fuel customer engagement by offering something […]

Microsoft Purchases Cloud-Based Gaming Platform PlayFab

BY WILLIAM USHER   https://www.cinemablend.com  “Microsoft” and “Acquisitions” have been used a lot lately ever since rumors about Microsoft acquiring some of the big names in gaming and tech were floated around last week. Well, Microsoft did acquire a gaming company in the form of the cloud-based streaming platform, PlayFab. Over on the official Microsoft blog there’s a […]

The creation of a new sport: Esports

Dalton Stokes Feb 5, 2018 Updated Feb 5, 2018 http://www.kykernel.com Americans are famous, or rather infamous, for our love of sports. This is an infatuation that we usually brandish as intrinsic to being American. Most would agree that there is nothing more American than baseball. But with these sports on the decline, especially America’s most popular sport, football, one […]

eSports loss of Christopher “Apocalypse” Lautre

By Christopher House Partner Content By Cougar Gaming  Esports / Feb. 6, 2018 The South African esports community suffered a huge blow this weekend with the loss of Christopher “Apocalypse” Lautre, who was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident on Saturday the 3rd of February. Christopher played competitive CS:GO for the South African MGO Damage Control, who released a statement […]