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EA Sports and NFL Unveil Extended Madden NFL 19 Championship Series

By: Andrew Hayward Aug. 6, 2018 esports observer EA Sports  and the National Football League today announced the Madden NFL 19Championship Series, an official esports league tied into the latest release of the annual football simulation series. The Championship Series begins with tomorrow’s release of the Madden NFL 19 Hall of Fame Edition, with the standard edition releasing this Friday, August […]

Ozil to launch FIFA 19 eSports team

By: Harry Sherlock Aug 3, 2018 Goal The Arsenal midfielder is set to launch a team to take on the world in the new game, which comes out in September Mesut Ozil is set to launch a FIFA 19 eSports team. The world’s most popular football game launches its newest iteration on September 28, and it […]

Social Media Plays Pivotal Role for Top Brands in Gaming Chair Industry

By: Max Miceli Aug.. 2, 2018 esports observer The market for gaming chairs could very well be the only thing in the videogame industry more saturated than the battle royale genre. But unlike most products, consumers don’t typically get a chance to test the gaming chairs they’re buying until they’ve already dished out their credit card information. Research by […]

Canada’s first eSports stadium to be built in Richmond

By: Cecilia Hua Aug. 1, 2018 Vancouver Courier Richmond is expected to be home to Canada’s first-ever eSports stadium, with an opening date scheduled for 2019. Myesports Ventures Ltd. announced today that the arena, named The Gaming Stadium, will be a custom-built, community-driven location that is open for players for all ages and skill levels. “We […]

Esports are booming and some investors are growing more bullish

By: Kellie Ell July 31, 2018 CNBC The global esports industry is on fire and, now, some investors are getting bullish on the industry. “No question this is changing the landscape for media companies and how people are participating in sports,” Tim Seymour, co-founder and managing partner at Triogem Asset Management, a hedge fund, said on “Fast Money” Monday. […]

Everybody’s a gamer at some level

By: NICK PETAROS July 30, 2018 WCF Courier The image of a teenager on a caffeine buzz playing computer games into the wee hours of the morning inside his parents’ basement is a stereotype that may have fit the majority of gamers as recent as a decade ago. Yet, in the ever-evolving world of eSports, that may no […]

Gaming Marketplace for Unique In-Game Items Partners With Esports Team Tempo Storm

By:  Katharine Sharpe July 26, 2018 Cointelegraph he marketplace GamerToken has announced its partnership with Tempo Storm, a large American esports team and media company. This partnership follows the joining of the founder of Tempo Storm, Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk, to their advisory board in June. As one of the major esports media companies in the world, Tempo Storm expanded from its initial Hearthstone […]

Inside Tencent’s Gambit to Dominate a $13 Billion Esports Arena

July 25, 2018 Bloomberg The screams of 18,000 people packed into a Shanghai stadium swell to a crescendo. Slight of figure and mostly bespectacled, 10 young men take their seats in LED-lined boxes straight out of Tron, don headsets, lock thumbs onto giant smartphones — and the battle begins. At stake, a $1.8 million purse — and […]

Could the Google Yeti and cloud gaming change everything?

By Josh Wise July 24, 2018 VideoGame The scientific community has remained skeptical of the existence of the Yeti, a proposed missing link between man and ape. Yet tales abound from the valleys of Nepal: strange footprints, hair samples traced back to prehistoric bears, and ominous shadows glimpsed in blizzards. In the West, a similar myth is taking […]

Blast bumps seed round to $12 million to help gamers save money

By: DEAN TAKAHASHI July 23, 2018 Venture Beat Blast lets gamers save a little bit of money every time they hit an achievement in a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And that simple idea for “micro savings” has enabled the company to raise $12 million in funding. The Newport Beach, California-based Blast is also announcing that its app is […]

It’s peak esports season: Here’s how to watch the games

By: Jessica CondittJuly 19, 2018 Engadget Happy esports season! Summer is the ideal time to sit back (with a glass of lemonade in one hand and a burrito in the other in an air-conditioned room) and watch the best video game players in the world battle it out for millions in prize money. However, diving into […]

‘Fortnite’ Has An Esports Problem That’s Going To Be Tough To Solve

By: Paul Tassi  July 18, 2018 Forbes Similarly, there have been Fortnite “events” that are still fun, even if it’s not just watching pros stream against randoms. Ninja threw a really fun event in Vegas where he played against other streamers and some fans, but it was centered around him and his appeal specifically. We watched his stream, we watched other […]