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Fortnite’s Massive Prize Pool Just Made It The Biggest Game In Esports

By: Dave Thier  May 21, 2018 Forbes Let’s think about an alternate version of Epic Games’ gigantic Fortnite: Battle Royale esports announcement today. In this reality, Epic Games sends out a press release following the success of its Solo Showdown limited time mode: the company is making a big investment in competitive play and putting up $10 million in prizes in […]


May 18, 2018 Hyp Sports HypSports releases statement and statistics supporting the growth opportunities of delivering a variety of interactive content to sports fans on a single platform ORLANDO. FLORIDA (May 18, 2018) – HypGames Inc. — an Orlando, FL based sports technology leader and producer of sports game app, HypSports — released a statement today […]

Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Could Be Getting A Competitive Mode Soon, And That Might Mean Esports

By: Dave Thier  May 16, 2018 Forbes Fair warning: datamined files are sometimes reliable indicators of what’s coming in a game, like when we get to see the Fortnite challenges a few days earlier or when the skins make it into the game week or so before they actually hit the shop. If there’s a full-on skin in the […]

Quarterback lets top esports gamers and streamers create their own fan based leagues

Jonathan Shieber  May 15, 2018 Tech Crunch In an effort to tie the top gamers and streamers more directly with their fans, a new company called Quarterback has just raised $2.5 million to create and manage fan-based leagues for the superstars of the esports and streaming world. The company raked in its seed round from investors led by […]

Deck of Dice aims for a lucky roll on Facebook Messenger

By: DEAN TAKAHASHI May 14, 2018 Venture Beat Deck of Dice, a startup with a product of the same name, has created a new parlor game by putting an entire deck of 54 playing cards (jokers included) on a set of nine six-sided dice. The Cleveland-based company has been pushing the game forward since 2011, and this year, the company […]

Esports training facility brings gaming another step closer to traditional pro sports

By Noah Smith May 11, 2018 Washington Post SANTA MONICA, Calif. — On a Tuesday morning in March, five half-awake young men comprising the Team Liquid roster shuffled into the esports franchise’s new training space. They walked through the neon-accented foyer and into the dining area, where they grabbed catered omelets with fresh sliced tomatoes and avocados, fruit […]

HypSports Announces Nikita Kucherov as Official Athlete Partner

As part of the collaboration, HypSports will host additional free hockey trivia shows for cash after the first Kucherov goal of each game during the Eastern Conference Finals ORLANDO, FLORIDA (May 8, 2018) – HypGames, Inc. — an Orlando, FL based sports technology leader — announced today that Nikita Kucherov, Tampa Bay Lightning forward and […]

NASCAR launches youth esports series on iRacing

By Official NASCAR Release May 9, 2018 NASCAR DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — NASCAR announced today the formation of a youth esports racing series, the first esports competition created to attract and identify young talent. The series will be hosted on iRacing, the world’s premier racing simulation platform. NASCAR’s youth esports series establishes an easily accessible entry point to real-world […]

Understanding the eSports community: What brands need to know

By Charlotte Rogers  May 8, 2018 Marketing Week Brand interest in eSports is set to reach new levels of excitement in 2018. High profile brands from Mercedes-Benz, Gillette and Red Bull to HP and Intel have all carved out sponsorship and partnership deals that are helping their brands reach the highly engaged and largely millennial eSports fanbase. […]

Kent State University Launches its eSports Program to Attract Gamers

By KABIR BHATIA  May 7, 2018 WOSU Kent State held its first eSports tournament on Saturday, complete with play-by-play announcers, fans in the stands and an online stream of the six-person teams playing the shoot-em-up game “Overwatch.” Steve Toepfer is a professor of human development who is coordinating the school’s program. He says there has been some pushback from […]


BY HOPE CORRIGAN May 4, 2018 IGN his year Spacewar!, John Madden Football, Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy 7 are added to the list which brings new games into the fold annually to recognize their sustained popularity or impact. Spacewar! for instance, was not added for commercial success but for its contribution in launching the industry and changing the way […]

Taking control: Why brands are seizing the eSports opportunity

By Charlotte Rogers May 2, 2018 Crowds of screaming fans sit glued to their seats for hours on end, watching their favourite players take on the competition in an all-out battle for supremacy. No, this isn’t the SuperBowl or the World Cup Final, it’s the rapidly expanding world of eSports. And with a loyal army of highly […]