Could Esports Become Part Of Olympics By 2024?

By  Jen Booton February 16, 2018 SportTechie NEW YORK – Those who work in esports believe the gaming competitions could be added to the Olympics as soon as 2024, potentially exciting a new generation of viewers similar to the way snowboarding ignited a younger audience when it was added in 1998. A number of challenges, however, will need […]

How Major League Baseball Is Approaching Future Entry Into Esports

By Diamond Leung February 15, 2018 SportTechie NEW YORK — Major League Baseball and MLB Advanced Media are keeping a close eye on the esports landscape as the league considers how it might enter the space in the future. “I think it’s all about fan engagement, and it’s about finding the right place to go in,” Jamie Leece, […]

New Luxor arena could prove Las Vegas is the perfect place for esports

By Brock Radke Las Vegas Sun On March 22, the Luxor will open Esports Arena Las Vegas in the space formerly occupied by LAX Nightclub. To the average Vegas visitor or casual observer, this development likely seems like another casino entertainment experiment aimed at bringing in younger customers, or possibly the beginnings of a new Strip trend. […]