Home Business WOBBL3 Entertainment’s Dub Wars Video Game Connects Musicians with Gamers Worldwide

WOBBL3 Entertainment’s Dub Wars Video Game Connects Musicians with Gamers Worldwide

WOBBL3 Entertainment’s Dub Wars Video Game Connects Musicians with Gamers Worldwide

Feb. 26, 2018 / PRZen / SALT LAKE CITY — Utah based video game developer, Wobbl3 Entertainment announced the launch of their music marketing and engagement program for musicians and record labels that utilizes their hit game “DubWars”.

DubWars is a rhythm-based music game that combines the mechanics of a top-down shooter with the power of Electronic music.  There is no ‘fire’ button in DubWars as your weapons are synced to the music which creates both an intense survival experience followed up by epic and cathartic deployments when the beat “drops”.

Joe Albrethsen, CEO and President of WOBBL3 Entertainment, commented on the new DubWars platform saying, “During the development of the game on PC, we recognized the toolset we were building was an excellent mechanism for introducing gamers to new artists and musicians.  Once DubWars was on the market, we began having additional conversations with record labels to create games based on, and around, the music tracks of both up-and-coming as well as established musicians.”

Starting this week, labels and musicians will be able to work with the team at Wobbl3 to take advantage of this new platform to showcase media and further establish their brand worldwide as DubWars prepares to launch on iPhone and Android Mobile Devices.

Other benefits include:

·       Increase music sales and charting

·       Increase merchandise sales

·       Provide a vehicle to increase venue ticket sales

·       Provide a hub for giveaways and other promotional efforts

·       Engagement opportunities including tournaments and competitions

·       Offer fans a more intimate, 1:1 connection to their music

·       Viral and influencer marketing opportunities from fans posting content

·       Social growth and activations

Wobbl3 is looking to activate with musicians that want to leverage the platform to put their music in an all-new, custom-built level within DubWars. Additionally, artists and labels that want to align their brand’s name alongside the Wobbl3 platform (ex: DubWars ft. 12th Planet and Friends) are encouraged to take advantage of the first open round on the DubWars platform.

Black Dog Venture Partners recently acquired a 10% stake in Wobbl3 Entertainment and Black Dog’s CEO Scott Kelly is heading up this new music marketing and engagement program. Musicians and labels interested in learning more about this program should email Joe Albrethsen at joe@wobbl3.com or Scott Kelly at scott@blackdogventurepartners.com

About Wobbl3 Entertainment

Wobbl3 Entertainment is known for designing immersive experiences through gameplay synchronized to music and licensing Celebrity IP’s. Their flagship title DubWars has been showcased at events around the world and was recently part of a successful Twitch Prime offering. Check out http://Dubwars.com

Scott Kelly

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