Activision Acquires Digital Legends For Its Future Call of Duty Mobile Games

By Rachel Kaser

Activision Blizzard today announced it has bought mobile game studio Digital Legends. The publisher’s new team will work on an unannounced Call of Duty mobile title.

Digital Legends previously developed and published cartoon-style shooter The Respawnables and a more realistic, Call of Duty-like game, Afterpulse. The company’s history with mobile shooters probably presage the kind of game it’s going to make under Activision.

Chris Plummer, Activision’s head of mobile, said of the acquisition in a statement: “Digital Legends’s tenure developing highly-polished mobile titles is unparalleled. More importantly though, our teams already have been collaborating very closely for much of this year.”

Digital Legends’ first project under Activision will apparently be a Call of Duty mobile game, but not Call of Duty: Mobile. This follows Activision’s current modus operandi of having most of its in-house studios, if not all of them, working on Call of Duty in some form. Going by Plummer’s statement, Digital Legends was already working on the game in some capacity.

In addition to the acquisition, Activision also announced the name of its in-house mobile gaming studio: Solid State. Big surprise — this studio is also working on Call of Duty content.

Source: VentureBeat

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