Amuka Esports is Making Strides for Esports in Canada

By Zachary Fingerle

As with most organizations, average esports fans do not hear about many teams outside of the main leagues. TSM, Cloud 9, G2, ENVY, 100 Thieves, T1, and the other large organizations around the world garner most of the market share when it comes to viewer’s knowledge of the esports scene. Most organizations liked Amuka Esports fly under the radar despite their ability to grow and facilitate many events and teams that don’t share the main spotlight of other organizations.

Amuka Esports is a small company based out of Canada and is rapidly growing. They now own two different esports gaming cafes/arenas in Toronto and Ontario called Waves gaming and EZY Mode. The organization owns both the Swedish CSGO team Dragonborn Esports and Parabellum Esports based in Canada. Parabellum is the first team to represent Canada in the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational held later this year. Also in the ecosystem of Amuka are various other organizations such as Level Six Esports incubator which offers a 10-week intensive program to assist brands and companies launch their product or service. Incendium Gaming is an esports tournament organizer that is rapidly growing under the Amuka banner. 

Amuka Esports has raised just under CA$1 million in 2019 alone, they are currently in the process of being acquired by YDX Innovation but as they have had an astronomical Q1 of 2021, those discussions have been delayed and the terms are being altered. Amuka made great strides in Q1 of 2021 despite the hardships of running and developing a business during COVID even if the world seems to be slowly returning to normal. They have struck partnerships with various companies such as GURU Energy, a producer, and seller of organic, plant-based energy drinks. GURU drinks will be available to all athletes under the Amuka umbrella as well as for sale in all locations and events that Amuka hosts. Their most recent partnership is with CoinSmart, another Toronto-based organization that launched in 2018. CoinBase is a service that makes it easy to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrency. Where Amuka Esports comes into the picture is promoting the safety and security of cryptocurrency alongside crypto will be included in their tournament prizing system. This is their target market as it seems that the gaming demographic has been very active in the early adoption of cryptocurrency.



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