Butler University enters the future!

By: Zachary Fingerle


Indianapolis has an ever-evolving esports realm that is mainly focused around the Butler University campus. Their presence in the esports space is already prominent with events such as their partnership with Nerd Street Gamers for Summer and Winter camps to hosting the 2020 Esports Combine. They have already carved their name into the local esports fans as well as the college esports scene.

The commitment to the excellence of esports in the future is only sure to grow further with the most recent announcement. As students step onto the campus in the Fall of 2022, there will be a new space dedicated to esports on campus.

The plans were initially unveiled in 2019, although that was derailed just like the rest of the world with COVID-19. But, they have prevailed and have finalized a completion date alongside concept photos of the new 7,500 square foot esports facility.

Within the arena will be high-powered gaming PCs, consoles, and that is not all. Alongside the shiny new computers and consoles will be a cafe, spaces for events, and coworking. Office space, as well as a studio and production room for content creation.

This all would not be possible without the assistance from Populous, the company that is designing and developing the space. They are known for their work in several sports venues across the countries, but they have a history in esports spaces. Their resume includes the Fusion Arena in Philadelphia, and a 100,000 square foot esports arena in Texas.

Alongside the launch of this new arena, Butler University will be launching the Esports Communication minor. This minor is only 18 credit hours long and hopes to serve as building a basis for the future of the esports workforce.

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