MoonieNFT Will Offer Users An Industry-Changing New Standard for NFTs and Gamified Earnings

WARSAW, PolandSept. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A unique NFT-based Play to Earn platform has been launched. MoonieNFT is a PLAY TO EARN platform where every NFT can be used in their gamified DeFi ecosystem 100 percent of the time. Investors, with their Moonie, may compete with other Moonies in Price Races, earn yields in The Research Lab, and play games while competing for a spot on MoonieNFT’s Top 100 leaderboards.

Moonieverse provides multiple ways to the investors to earn using their NFTs and allows them to earn more while they farm. The players can participate in MovieNFT’s gamified yield farming. They provide a revolutionary opportunity to earn using the player’s wealth and knowledge rather than their precious time.

The Crypto Company is Backed by market leaders like Everse Capital, MoonBoots Capital, Polygon, Chainlink, Morningstar Ventures. MoonieNFT, with their experienced developers, has already built an active community of over 180,000 users and closed $600,000 worth in the private round. With their fast paced growth, MoonieNFT will be launched through Polkastarter on UNISWAP, and Pancakeswap.

MoonieNFT provides three types of exciting games to the players.

Price Races provide 4 types of unique Moonie NFTs; Doggi, Ettie, Bitty with an initial supply of 2000, and Normie, with an unlimited supply. Players can use their Moonies to purchase a Ticket and compete in the Price Races with their favorite Rocket. Passengers on the winning Rocket will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the $100,000 Guaranteed Grand Prize! The Doggie NFT can use the DOGE Rocket to a prize of $1 while the Ettie NFT can use ETH Rocket to $10,000, and the Bitty NFT can use BTC Rocket to the grand prize of $100,000.

In the Research Lab, interest earned on pooled funds gets distributed in the form of prizes. The player can participate with their deposit (USDT, $MNY, Stake, Moonie NFTs). The rewards to be earned increase with the longer stake. The research lab uses a no-loss mechanism so that the player can remove their deposits at any time.

Arcade Games allows the player to open a Mooncheest and get their very own unique Moonie. Each Moonie will join arcade games and compete to attain the first position in a weekly top 100 leaderboards.

The first arcade game of the MooniNFT, the Moonieverse Race, lets players go to the moon with their Moonie. The goal is to send the player’s Moonie to the moon with the highest score to win. According to the MoonieNFT team, the game can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The game allows the player to scan a QR code to load their unique Moonie to be placed in the rocket and take off to the moon.

Like all other real-life rockets, the rocket is made up of various pieces, each of which carries rocket fuel. The player’s responsibility is to verify that all parts are disconnected correctly to obtain the most potent performance boost (and, therefore, the highest score). Naturally, the more speed the player gains, the higher the player’s rocket will fly. However, if the player separates a section of the missileA too soon, one will utilize less rocket fuel and not reach full speed. The team also encourages the player not to wait too long because the engine may overheat, causing the rocket to explode and prevent the player from gaining more points. The landing process gives bonus points for a perfect landing. Every day, the player will have 10 launches from which all the scores will be added to determine the position on the leaderboard.

The MoonieNFT team is running the Meet My Moonie campaign giving out 10 OG Moonies and 1000 Normies. With such a playful earning opportunity, the MoonieNFT will be loved by gaming enthusiasts and crypto investors.

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Company Name: MoonieNFT

Media Contact: Anthony Blackburn




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