Add Music to Your App

Once users are opening your app, it’s important to know (and improve) how long they actually stick around. While music can seem like a background component of the overall in-app experience, it has a marked impact on average session times.

Music licensing for apps has traditionally been a legal and logistical nightmare to navigate so we’re excited to announce that we’re now helping to provide the simplest way to add popular music to your games, apps, websites and more.

Music Boosts Retention and ROI

The biggest stumbling block for many apps is driving meaningful retention—maybe users come out of the gates hot, but don’t repeat their activity month after month. This is where in-app music really shines.

A Few Client Case Studies:

The Golden State Warriors

Their branded (sponsored) fan experience app showed results that produced more revenue for the club, and more brand value for the advertising brand parter, as a result of the 81% increase in session length.

American Eagle

Doubled 30-day retention amongst their engaged users by implementing in-app music.

ClassPass Go

(one of the fitness apps with top brand recognition). In-app music was implemented, and now sessions featuring music last 630% longer than sessions where music is not played.

Want to Learn More?

If you have questions about adding music to your app, we can help. Contact Scott at