Optic Gaming and FaZe have a Merch Collaboration!

With Optic Gaming and FaZe Clan announcing a collaboration, this is truly a historic time!

Since the young days of Call of Duty (CoD) content and esports, Optic and FaZe have been around. What started as a rivalry as to who truly owns the space of CoD. When I was younger, I remember Optic being known as the better competitive team and FaZe being better for sniping and trick shots.

Since those days, these two organizations and teams have been competing and changing the direction of the entire CoD scene with every move they make. Both Hector Rodriguez (CEO & Owner of Optic) and Thomas Oliveira (Co-owner of FaZe Clan) have stated that they would not be where they were today if not for each other.

While it has always been a rivalry between organizations and the players involved, it has also been a brotherhood of the most influential members of CoD.

With this collaboration, not only will there be a variety of cross-branded clothes but also there will be several pieces of content created involving both organizations. We only assume that there will be a documentary-style piece of content covering the history of the organizations as well as potential videos where members of each organization get a chance to discuss old ‘beef’ and solve it with cameras recording the whole thing.

Optic Gaming has a series on their YouTube channel called: “THE PROCESS” and it acts as a behind-the-scenes look at the team and all of the members of the organization, this does not count for the “HECZ” Vlogs that are on his own personal channel. The FaZe channel does have any of this type of content on a regular basis. The main FaZe channel is more geared towards content to entertain the viewers with shock value and high stakes within challenges.

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