Streamer of the Week: DirtyGunnerGaming

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Congratulations to this week’s Streamer!

Take 5 with DirtyGunnerGaming

Who is your favorite streamer? 


What is your favorite game? 

Destiny 2

What other hobbies do you have? 

Coaching my sons sports, working out, and collecting sports cards

What are your first memories of gaming? 

Going way back to when I was a kid my babysitter had a Calico Vision and I loved when we got a chance to play on it. From there my parents bought me an OG Nintendo and the list goes on and on. I believe pong was my first Calico Vision game.

Anything else you want your viewers to know? 

I love doing a variety of streams, one day I’ll be grinding on Destiny the next I’ll be doing a Powerwashing simulator, and the next might be Fortnite. Other than Destiny being considered a main game for me, I’m always down to try out new games and have fun with not only supporters, but followers as well. I’m a down to earth veteran who likes to engage with as many people as possible across many aisles of the gaming world! I hope to see you in stream!

Check him out on Twitch:

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