The Halo Championship Series announces competing teams!

By: Zachary Fingerle

The future of Halo Esports has been announced! Microsoft and 343 have rebooted the Halo Championship (HCS) for the future installment of the series, Halo: Infinite. The teams have already been slated and announced including Cloud9, Fnatic, G2 Esports, NAVI, Sentinels, Spacestation Gaming, Team Envy, eUnited, and FaZe Clan.

They have stated that teams have been selected on the ability to supply funding for the organization and supporting players. None of the money from these teams will be going to Microsoft or 343 Industries. All of the money involved with these organizations will be going to the players, coaches, managers, content, and everything else. The goal from Microsoft and 343 is that this is truly an investment into the future of esports and the Halo Community.

They stated that they have been at work with this project for several years now, and they are excited to get the ball rolling and bring fans into the fold of what is planned.

This information comes out amidst the speculation of how successful Halo: Infinite will be releasing later this year in December. There is speculation that this game will likely not yet be done and they pushed it out as far as possible without pushing it into the next year. The reason for the speculation being that why release the game after Black Friday and all the potential for more sales for the holiday season. Online communities are linking the possible relation between CyberPunk 2077’s release last December and the bug fest that the game became.

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