The Partnership of eFuse and the CCL

By: Zachary Fingerle


For a while, I have been nervous about the future of esports when the path from Amateur to Pro has been so shaky and kind of random. While I have been proven wrong in a way that the professional leagues have no lack of high skill players that they find and bring on, it still concerns me for the future. Although this may be better for esports by straying away from the ‘beaten path’ as it allows more people to be involved in the growth of esports, not just people that can attend college to compete for teams. 

There are paths like the Academy teams for the North American LCS organizations which act as a “JV” team for the professional but they are still a large step above your average LoL players.

When the Call of Duty League (CDL) launched with teams specific to cities and a system similar to most American sports leagues, alongside it was the Collegiate Call of Duty League or better known as the CCL. I competed in the CCL and various other tournaments such as the events hosted by Tespa in the 2019/2020 season with Modern Warfare.

Although there has been a partnership that should help solve the issue I mentioned above about the lack of paths to pro. While the CCL does that naturally by existing and collecting top talents from colleges, with eFuse alongside them there have been two events held to help college athletes be discovered by the CDL teams and create a new path to pro. The second event, The College CoD Summer Open just concluded this last weekend with Ottowa University Black taking first place and $3,000.

While the proof has yet to be shown that these events have truly flourished connection between college athletes and professional organizations. It is a step in the right direction, now the question is will eFuse renew this partnership, and what other games and companies will be making this move in the future!


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